After broad education and some international projects, Elke Altenberger has been active in the area of interior design for almost 20 years. Her enterprise is specialized in very close and individual cooperation with the customers. This is reflected in the comprehensive attention to detail and in the service and project cohesion of interior design. By means of her sensitivity and intuition, Elke Altenberger focuses on the fundamental wishes and the aesthetic and functional needs of her clientele, accurately formulating them and bringing them to fruition. Her own innovations and creative work are based on this approach. The quality in detail, well thought-out scheduling, a broad service and product spectrum based on superb commercial and professional networks and an international diversity in suppliers are components of her solid, professional cooperation.

Elke Altenberger takes on interior design projects in private and entrepreneurial spheres, and depending on the project size, is active in all of Austria. The enterprise is located in Vienna. The company also supports local start ups with smaller budgets in their transformation of creativity and according product supply.


What is special about us